Healing Piano Information

is a unique sound healing experience to create mental, physical and emotional well-being. Louis Landon is a Steinway Pianist who has toured internationally and has released 31 albums, 24 of them solo piano instrumentals. He has been using the techniques of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky for spiritual development since 1980. Healing Piano of Sedona was created to help people live life joyously, passionately, stress and disease free.

Healing piano of Sedona offers mentoring, music and sound vibrations that are personalized to assist you in your soul’s journey. 

– Live joyously in every waking moment!

– Have gratitude for this miracle of life! 

– Attract abundance through increased alignment and awareness!

 – Cultivate positivity with an Excellent and Better All the Time attitude! 

“Healing Piano of Sedona” is now open and will support three missions:

1. To create a more loving and peaceful world by writing, recording and performing music from the heart.

2. To inspire people to live joyously and passionately.

3. To heal and awaken people through music and mentoring.

love peace happiness~

Louis Landon

e-mail healingpianosedona(at)gmail.com for more information and to find out about a complimentary consultation.

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