Beth Kingsley Hawkins M.A,. in music & music therapy, CMT, FAMI “As a Certified Music Therapist and a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery, as well as a pianist myself, I couldn’t wait for my healing piano session with Louis. Accustomed to imaging to music in a deeply relaxed state, I expected to have a meditative experience Instead the sound under the piano was so immediate and so compelling, that it kept me entirely in the present moment, listening with my whole body as one big ear. I felt washed clean and energized. Truly, music is love that heals.”

Howard C. Mackert I had the pleasure of experiencing “Healing Piano of Sedona”. WOW, what a peaceful, yet transforming process! I’m relistening to “my song” as I write this. Louis has a unique connecting ability that helps him express on the piano the deep things of your heart. I highly recommend visiting Louis and his transforming piano if you are ever in Sedona.
Thanks again.”

Amy Halberstadt LMT Keynote Massage “My Healing Piano session was wonderful! It was emotionally healing in a beautiful way. Lying under the piano and not only hearing a touching song written for me, but also feeling the vibrations of the music, was a unique heartfelt experience that resonated deeply. I look forward to the next session!”

Judy Gorman “I had secretly prayed for major creative breakthroughs (rather than the beating-myself-up syndrome) before being rolled under the Steinway. Louis advised as I prepared myself: “Try to separate your thoughts from your self.” I spent a few minutes admonishing myself and the universe about how impossible that would be. Then I smiled at something in the music Louis was playing. Next came a heart sensation, and I knew I was in the terrain he’d suggested. After we were done, and over the next weeks, I realized that my breakthrough was quite different than what I’d wished for: I released myself from expectations about what I SHOULD be doing in music, and just went forward to have a wonderful spring directing a chorus, which was all about fun, hard work, and the joy of experiencing that.”

Becky Jackson “I had the opportunity to visit with Louis Landon and experience his Healing Piano when I was in Sedona in March. The sounds under the piano were so rich and vibrant, I didn’t want the session to end. I find “my song” to be particularly grounding. I love listening to it as I get ready for the day, or when things are especially stressful. What a wonderful tool and gift to be given! My sincere thanks.”

Rafael R. “Today I had the good fortune to attend a Healing Piano Session with Louis Landon. We began with a brief exploration on the psychological- emotional level which was clarifying. Then we dove into the musical side of it. I felt totally embraced by the music, which led me into a very meditative state of mind where I felt a very spacious and deep sense of contentment and inner peace. What a unique and wonderful experience! Thank you Louis!”

Chris M. My healing piano session with Louis was an emotionally deep and powerful experience. The song he created for me was so beautiful it brought me to tears. Afterwords, I felt more love and compassion for myself and since then, life has improved tremendously.”

Rhonda Mackert “Enlightening, empowering and profound are words that describe my Healing Piano experience. The music Louis created and played specifically for me was a perfect invitation to embrace a new perception of myself. Since the session, I’ve listened to the recording of the music several times and each time I feel inspired in my approach to life. Louis is a treasure and his Healing Piano of Sedona a gift.”

Cindy Bergeron My healing piano session with Louis was absolutely amazing. Louis’ compassion for people and music is ‘Godsent’. I literally felt my heart open when he played ‘Cindy’s Song’. I look forward to more sessions.”


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